Cragwar is where the adventure starts!

Mage’s Guild
*Lord – Alethra Marsk, Human Wizard
*Council Member – Ralmevik Loderr, Dwarf (Mountain) Wizard

Explorer’s Guild
*Lord – Callie High-hill, Halfling (Stout) Rogue
*Council Member – Trym Leagallow, Halfling (Stout) Fighter (Protection)

Trade Guild
*Lord – Gunnloda Gorunn, Dwarf (Mountain) Fighter
*Council Member – Yuldra Dyernina, Human Fighter

Stewards of Nature
*Lord – Dain Silverfrond, Elf (Wood) Wizard
*Council Member – Erevan Nightbreeze, Elf (High) Druid

Congregation of Temples
*Lord – Ander Greenbottle, Halfling (Stout) Cleric
*Council Member – Kildrak Strakeln, Dwarf (Hill) Cleric


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