All of the ruling factions require their members to pay a membership fee to their local chapter. Official faction assignments and spending downtime contributes to dues and support a modest lifestyle. Paying members are considered active and have access to faction resources, extra rewards, and voting rights. You can be a paying member of more than one faction, but you only get to vote in one faction.

Each chapter has an elected council member and Lord. The council member sits on the city council and governs the city. The Lord oversees local operations and reports to the faction headquarters.

Ruling Factions

Mage’s Guild – They do their best to control access to magic. If a local chapter does not have a desired item on hand, they can work with other chapters to acquire the desired items. Membership is 100gp per month.

Explorer’s Guild – Mostly looking for lost treasure. Maps and rumors of untouched treasures usually make their way into the local chapter before anyone else in the area. Membership is 75gp per month.

Trade Guild – Includes general merchants, performers, crafters, and artisans. The membership fee is 25gp per month.

Stewards of Nature – Maintain the balance of civilization and nature. Membership is 10gp.

Congregation of Temples – Faction representing the major gods and religions. Because this faction is composed of temples instead of individuals, temple offerings act in place of a membership fee.

Other Major Factions

Mercenary Group – Dunedain – They value honor and are mostly employed as city guards. It is said that most high ranking officers are descendants of the King of an ancient kingdom that was the largest the world had ever known.

Mercenary Group – Bloodless – This is the group most often called on to go to war with other kingdoms or take care of a growing orc clan nearby. It is rumored that they don’t bleed when cut.

Working for a mercenary group during downtime affords a comfortable lifestyle.

Thieves’ Guild – Considered criminals by most. Becoming a member is not public knowledge. If you have to ask, you aren’t welcome.

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